Humble Indie Bundle 10 (Update)

Update, January 20th

Three more games (and two soundtracks) have been added to the bundle if you beat the average ($5.38 as of this writing):

  • Hoard [PC] [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Apr 4, 2011 by Big Sandwich Games, Inc.
    Metascore: 65

  • Strike Suit Zero [PC] [+soundtrack, pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Jan 23, 2013 by Born Ready Games
    Metascore: 65

  • Toki Tori 2 + [PC] [+soundtrack, pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Jul 11, 2013 by Two Tribes
    Metascore: 76

I’ve played quite a bit of multiplayer HOARD on PS3 (great for 3 player) and Toki Tori 2+ on WiiU. Recommend both.

This bundle is only available for another 13 hours.

Original Post, Jan 7th

Six games and their soundtracks are available in the latest Humble Bundle:

  • Reus [PC] [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: May 16, 2013 by Abbey Games
    Metascore: 75

  • Surgeon Simulator 2013 [PC] [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Apr 19, 2013 by Bossa Studios
    Metascore: 71

  • Papo & Yo [PC]
    Released: Apr 18, 2013 by Minority
    Metascore: 70

  • Bit.Trip Presents…Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien [PC]
    Released: Feb 26, 2013 by Gaijin Games
    Metascore: 85

  • Joe Danger 2: The Movie [PC]
    Released: Jun 24, 2013 by Hello Games
    Metascore: 82

  • To the Moon [PC]
    Released: Nov 1, 2011 by Freebird Games
    Metascore: 81

Runner2 was the only game that already had a Mac/Linux version. The Mac/Linux version of Reus is still in Beta.

I’ve already picked it up, but nothing I’m super excited about, this time around. I have both Joe Danger 1 and 2 on PS3, and I preferred the original. Both To the Moon and Papo & Yo intrigue me, and I’ll probably have a laugh with Surgeon Simulator, but realistically, so many other games…. Runner2 is great, and I will certainly download the soundtrack, but I already have the game on WiiU.

More games will be added to the above-average tier before the sale ends. (The average is a paltry $5.71, at time of writing.)

Grab the bundle at

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