Humble InDIE Bundle 13 (Update)

Update, November 11th

Three more games and soundtracks were added to the bundle, which is no longer available. I was away and couldn’t update, but for completeness:

  • The Novelist [PC] +soundtrack [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Dec 10, 2013 by Orthogonal Games
    Metascore: 66

  • Eldritch [PC] +soundtrack [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Oct 21, 2013 by Minor Key Games
    Metascore: 77

  • Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack [PC] +soundtrack [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Aug 15, 2012 by DrinkBox Studios
    Metascore: 83


Original Post, October 28th

13th Humble Bundle released today and will be available for 2 weeks. Apparently this marks 100 games that have been ported to Linux! Just gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn’t it? And all that charity stuff, of course.

Interestingly, the highest rated game is completely free:

  • Teleglitch: Die More Edition [PC]
    Released: Jul 24, 2013 by Paradox Interactive
    Metascore: 78 (Original got 84.)

Just go to the webpage, subscribe to the emails, and click submit. Must redeem by Nov 25 2014.

The rest of the bundle is as follows:

  • OlliOlli [PC]
    Released: Jul 22, 2014 by Devolver Digital
    Metascore: 77

  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet [PC] +soundtrack
    Released: Apr 17, 2012 by Microsoft Game Studios
    Metascore: 76

  • Tower of Guns [PC] +soundtrack
    Released: Mar 4, 2014 by Terrible Posture Games
    Metascore: 77

  • Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs [PC] [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Sep 10, 2013 by Frictional Games
    Metascore: 72

  • Jazzpunk [PC] [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Feb 7, 2014 by Adult Swim
    Metascore: 75

  • Risk of Rain [PC] (4 copies!) +soundtrack [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Nov 8, 2013 by Chucklefish
    Metascore: 77

  • Shadowrun Returns [PC] [pay $12 or more to unlock]
    Released: Jul 25, 2013 by Harebrained Schemes LLC
    Metascore: 76


Just looking at the numbers, nothing too overwhelming, but I’ve heard good buzz on almost all of these games.

Grab the bundle at

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