Humble Indie Bundle 14 (Update)

Update, April 7th

Three more games were added to the bundle:

  • 140 [PC]
    Released: Oct 16, 2013 by Jeppe Carlsen
    Metascore: 80

  • MirrorMoon EP [PC]
    Released: Sep 4, 2013 by Santa Ragione
    Metascore: 73

  • Contraption Maker [PC]
    Released: Aug 28, 2013 by Spotkin
    Metascore: N/A

One more week left to get it.


Original Post, March 31st

14th Humble Bundle! You know the drill: more games will be announced in a week, and better deals do not really exist.

  • Pixel Piracy [PC]
    Released: Dec 12, 2013 by Quadro Delta
    Metascore: N/A

  • Unepic [PC] +soundtrack
    Released: Sep 30, 2011 by franfistro
    Metascore: 68

  • Super Splatters [PC] +soundtrack
    Released: Jun 26, 2013 by SpikySnail Games Studio
    Metascore: 73

  • Outlast [PC]* [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Sep 4, 2013 by Red Barrels
    Metascore: 80

  • Torchlight II [PC] +soundtrack [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Sep 20, 2012 by Runic Games
    Metascore: 88

  • La-Mulana (Remake) [PC]* [pay above average to unlock]
    Released: Jul 13, 2012 by Asterizm Co., Ltd
    Metascore: 80

  • Shadow Warrior [PC]* +soundtrack [pay $10 or more to unlock]
    Released: Sep 26, 2013 by Devolver Digital
    Metascore: 73

* Linux/Mac debut (yay!)


I already have UnEpic and Outlast on different platforms. UnEpic was entertaining and the initially cringe-inducing voice acting sorta grew on me. Outlast is super freaky and very much a survival horror (RUN away and hide rather than mow down hundreds of enemies). I’d been wanting La-Mulana since it came out on WiiWare ages ago, so I’m pretty psyched for it to finally come to Linux. (Even though it’s coming out on Vita soon, which is where I’d probably play it most.) Torchlight 2 is supposedly a good Diablo alternative. Some good games. More to come.

Grab the bundle at

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