E3 2012 Day 1 – Ubisoft

Ubisoft had a great show. Minus an awkward duo of hosts, and a drawn out Shootmania demonstration, everything they showed had impact. Definitely my overall show of the day.

  • FarCry 3

    Started really intensely with rituals, tribal paint, and nipples. Looks awesome.  NSFW.

  • Rayman Legends

    Looks really fun!  And it was the first gameplay demo of the Wii U.

  • ZombiU

    (was Killer Freaks) for Wii U – Nice CG trailer, but that’s all that was shown.  I really hope the gameplay isn’t what was included in the “Zombie Shooter” game from the Nintendo Direct video. I may cry.  (Didn’t look very good.)

  • Other Wii U titles announced: Rabbids Land, Avengers: Battle for Earth (motion control), Your Shape Fitness, Sports Connection, Just Dance 4, and, of course, …
  • Assassin’s Creed 3

    The more I see of this game, the better it looks. Trailer:

  • Watch Dogs

    This game looks amazing. Update: Confirmed for PS3, 360, and PC. Wii U “not at this time.”

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